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Megaman TCG NetNavi profile – Roll

You know what this blog needs? More articles on a TCG that no-one plays and that died way back in 2005! Thus I’m going to write about one of the NetNavis that I used to play for the Megaman Trading Card Game and a possible deck strategy. Today it’s everyone’s favourite pink navi, the often times damsel in distress and occasional badass, Roll.

For those unfamiliar of the game, I’ll give a brief overview here and cover more as I go along. Check out my previous Megaman TCG post for a bit more info and follow this link for the official rules.

Roll with itPlayers of the Megaman TCG each have a deck of 60 cards, 1 of which is a NetNavi (basically a character card) with the other 59 being Resources, Events, and BattleChips that are used to attack the opponent. Each NetNavi has 3 base statistics which are shown on left of the card. In order from top to bottom these are Strength (S), Defence (S) and Blast (B); so Roll there has Strength 1, Defence 2, and Blast 2. Some NetNavi’s also have special abilities highlighted in a small text box at the base of the card; with Roll gaining +2 Defence whenever she uses a BattleChip.

Players take turns playing various cards against each other to increase their Strength and Defence in order to attempt to deal damage. If an attacking players Strength is higher than a defending players Defence then the defender will take damage equal to the difference in Strength and Defence (so Strength 5 attacking Defence 3 would result in 2 damage dealt). Damage is dealt by forcing a player to discard cards from the top of their deck; referred to in the game as losing energy. When a player’s deck is empty, they are out of energy and lose the game.

Just looking at her NetNavi card, it looks like Roll is built for all-out defence; as if players are meant to weather the storm and outlast their opponent. Indeed, many of Roll’s Navi specific cards are focused around manipulating her power gauge in order to time and maximise your blasts. Upping defence to keep Roll going and waiting for the opportunity to make some big hits. The deck strategy I went with however shows a way you can turn the tables and make Roll into a stomping powerhouse of pain.

Now don’t get me wrong, you still want to be pushing up Roll’s Defence, so it is well worth having a good pile of BattleChips that focus on increasing her Defence stat. Chips such as TimeBomb and RockCube are a good place to start or even Roll’s Navi specific BattleChip, Bubbler. These chips add 5, 2, and 4 to Roll’s Defence respectively with RockCubs also allowing you to play another chip in the same turn; with Roll’s Navi ability these are pumped to a healthy 7, 4, and 6.

Time to turn up the heatSo what have we got so far? A ton of BattleChips that increase Roll’s Defence in a moderately controlling deck. Is this good? Well it is when we add the resource Fiery NetNavi to the mix. This card is the star of the show for this deck. Just give it a read and you will see what’s going on.

Read it? Yep. That’s right, this resource can be used to add Roll’s super-pumped Defence stat directly to her Strength stat. This can be absolutely devastating for the opponent. Even though Roll’s main trick is meant to be sitting back and biding her time, occasionally getting some moderate hits in, this card changes that entirely. Now you can use Defence boosting chips in moderation, stocking up the bigger ones for the turn where you really want to lay on the pain.

Bring on the pain trainThe only downside is that players can see this move coming; Fiery NetNavi is a resource card, so it has to already be sitting in play before you can use (spend) it. There are a few options in the game that allow players to either mess around with or flat out destroy their opponents resources and these can really block off this strategy. On the plus side there is a second card that effectively allows us to pump Roll’s Strength with her Defence, Shrimpy2. This card allows us to add Roll’s Defence value to her Blast Destiny which is effectively the same as adding it to her Strength with a small additional requirement (that also enhances her Strength further!). Better still, Shrimpy2 is a Virus type resource which means that as soon as it is played, we can search our deck for as many copies of it as we like and put those into play too. So all of a sudden we can add Roll’s Defence to her Strength multiple times in a single turn!

Overall I found this deck style to be pretty fun to play, it has some good options that allow a player to sit back and play a defensive controlling style game that suddenly swings in for massive damage and punishes the opponent for exposing any weakness. Roll’s Navi specific cards are all blue or yellow coloured, but personally I would trade out all of her yellow cards and run blue/red Roll every time. Lots of blue cards offer powerful control abilities, giving extra flexibility in your defence, whilst red cards give a lot of ways to further enhance damage when you she gets aggressive. Definitely a good fit here.

Finally, the best part of this deck? The 2 “killer” cards it relies on.. they’re both common cards. As a result it’s possible to make a very competitive Roll deck with even a small collection of cards.

Still this wasn’t my favourite deck style or NetNavi, I was always determined to make an ElecMan deck that could win a game…


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