Megaman TCG NetNavi profile – Elecman

Now this is more like it. None of that fancy “control” or “defence” business. Elecman is an all out, do-or-die, Fire Everything!! kind of NetNavi. Well, he is when I play him…

Blast!To start off, let’s look at the NetNavi card itself. With a pitiful 1 strength and no defence whatsoever, he’s certainly got to have one heck of an upside to compensate. In fact he has 2 upsides. The first is that his blast value is 1, meaning he can blast every single turn of the game (and as we’ll see, he can even blast multiple times per turn). The second upside is his powerful Navi ability where he can power up twice every time he plays a BattleChip. So at the end of turn 1 it wouldn’t be a surprise to have 3 power, at the end of turn 2 he’ll be maxed out at 5 ready to drop the biggest attacks in the game on turn 3! Against a deck with limitted control options this alone can be devestating. Only problem is, all those 5 power BattleChips? They’re super-rare and ultra-rare; you’re unlikely to have one of each of these in your entire collection, let alone enough for a full playset in a deck.

Blast some more!So let’s go ahead and assume that you don’t have 4 each of a number of SR/UR BattleChips available. What can you do to make Elecman viable? Well, similar to Roll, you can take advantage of a couple of cards to really knock it out of the park. First up, you’re going to want to blast, a lot. Now there are a good range of yellow cards that can let you take full advantage of Elecman’s 1 Blast in blasting multiple times per turn. The best of these is undoubtedly Double Zap, Elecman’s navi specific common yellow resource, but the others (each with a different additional requirement) are easily worth including too. These are all common cards so it’s unlikely to be a problem to run 4 each of as many different blast resources as you want. With these and a good selection of BattleChips you’ll be playing chips, powering up, and blasting for strong attacks on most turns of the game. Even better, all of these have a high destiny value, so every blast you perform will lead to a pretty solid 3-5 boost to your attack.

That's a BIG hammer!“So what?” you might think “This doesn’t sound all that strong”. You’d be right to think that, but there is one card we can throw in the mix to really up the ante. I’m talking about BigHammer3. Look at that beast! +4 damage for every time you blast in a turn, if you blast 3 times (which isn’t unreasonable at all for Elecman) after playing this chip that’s +12 damage in a single turn! A power cost of 3 is nothing for Elecman and with a nice hefty 5 destiny you’d also be happy to see this card flip up in your power gauge when blasting. The only downside? It needs a red resource in order to play. Elecman is typically meant to be played as yellow/green but this card alone gives a strong reason to consider changing things up and playing yellow/red instead. A number of red cards give extra ways to further boost your blast destiny in a turn, though they do tend to come with lower destiny values themselves. Still, it’s absolutely worth it to try and pull off some truly devestating attacks with BigHammer3.

Intense!Now this is pretty weak agaisnt a control type deck (which I’ll look at and write about in the future) where BattleChips get cancelled, blasts get neutralised, and attack power is reduced. However with a high average destiny Elecman deck, there is a reliable strong counter available in yellow, Intense Power. With a solid 5 destiny and a relatively cheap resource cost (especially for Elecman) this is an event that can safeguard you against the biggest threats your opponent can play. Have a look at it. That’s right, you simply reveal the cards in your power gauge and if the total is 12 or higher you can search your opponent’s deck (which alone is great to see what they have) and cherry pick any 4 cards from it to be removed. Now an Elecman deck is going to really favour the higher destiyn cards anyway and it wouldn’t be unusual to have an average destiny of greater than 3. This means that if you have 4 cards in your power gauge, this card is guaranteed to work every time! So those big heavy hits they are building up to? Gone! The big counters to your all-out blast strategy? Gone! Now this card is rare, so it’s going to be harder to get a full set of 4 of these in a deck, but it is absolutely worth including as many as you can regardless.

Hopefully this gives a good idea of an alternative Elecman strategy. Maybe I’ll talk about how he is designed to be played in the future, but next time I think I’ll go into more detail on a control strategy.


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