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Hello code yellow!

This is indeed my very first post. I have clicked the Edit button and am merrilly modifying it, no need to¬†start a new post! As you suggest, I should probably¬†use this post to tell readers why I started this blog and what I’m going to do with it… Here goes!

Basically I just thought to have a place to collect my random thoughts and musings. There’s quite good odds that these thoughts are going to relate to Games, Gaming, and General Geekery (the 4 G’s?) though I’m also quite likely to ramble on about any old thing really. 2 and a half decades of gaming in various forms (table top, PC, console) certainly push it to the top of the list at the very least.

For my first actual content, i’m going to be attending the UK Games Expo in a couple of weeks and will be writing up tales of the weekend. Though that is still a bit of time away… maybe I’ll resurrect my thoughts on a dead (out of print, out of mind) card game or two in the meantime.

So if that sounds interesting at all then feel free to stick around and leave feedback on my crummy writing style and shabby content.

Oh, and welcome to my blog!