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Megaman TCG NetNavi Profile – GutsMan

So it turns out that going to China for 3 weeks and then buying a new games console is a good way to neglect a blog you’ve just started. So in the interest of getting back on track here is a post looking at a control type strategy for the Megaman TCG, which obviously revolves around the brute force type character, GutsMan!

GutsMan. Control type?Now, looking at his Navi card it’s clear that he is intended to hit the opponent hard every turn with a solid 3 Strength, getting an occasional blast in with his 3 Blast. What’s not so obvious is how well he suits a control game, keeping the opponent unable to really do much of anything while he slowly pounds away their energy.

1C67Now the control cards that Gutsman will see are going to be the yellow ones. These consist of cards that destroy your opponents resources or reduce the opponents power. A good example of a resource that does this is Smack Down, which can come across as relatively expensive but the impact it can have on your opponent is huge. A Destiny of 4 is a nice bonus and being yellow sets things up well for a particular Battlechip.

Lightning1I’m talking about Lightning1. There are already a good number of yellow cards that can help keep the opponents power gauge low, but with Gutsman this Battlechip can seal them off completely. When they take damage, they lose cards from their power gauge first. With Gutsman getting +1 power from having played a Battlechip anyway, if you can couple this with a blast on the same turn then you’ll likely knock you opponent way back down to 0 power along with chipping away at their enegy at the same time. Not bad.

With a good solid base in Yellow, you can take Gutsman into either Red or Green with good success. Red allows you to pump up your blasts, maximising on Lightning1 or taking the chance to hit your enemy hard. Green keeps your hand fuelled with cards and gives you the fuel you need to ensure you can get the most out of the yellow control cards.

Now if you remember the Intense Power event card from my Elecman post, this lets you remove 4 cards from the opponents deck if you meet the conditions to play it. That’s pretty great by itself, but more importantly for this Gutsman deck, it lets you see every single card your opponent has and remember the power/resource requirements of their best options. From here you can selectively destroy whichever resources you know they are going to need and throttle their power at just the right level to make sure they can never pull any big shots off.

Admittedly this isn’t a super strong deck and Gutsman does pretty well in his natural Red/Yellow combination just going for sheer power, but when it works and eveyrhing comes together it’s definitely mighty satisfying.

Feel the ThumpAs a footnote. I thought it might be worth highlighting the UR card for Gutsman, Feel the Thump. It absolutely typifies the control style of Yellow by completely wiping out the opponents board presence. You’d need to play Red/Yellow to ensure you get enough Gutsman emblems on the board to play it, so you’d lose the extra card supply from Green. Still likely worth it though! It definitely suggests that the designers had control style in mind when they designed this NetNavi after all and its not just my stubborn refusal to follow the obvious approach…

Next time, more stubborn refusal to follow the obvious approach!